Deep Grey Productions and ElBarMedia Present "The Rambler" (2012)


In Summer of 2012, ElBar Media took its Southern California audience into the wild west on a musical odyssey that blew everyone away...  

Winner of the 2013 Bare Bones International Film Festival Award for "Best Western Film", this short premiered to a sold-out audience in the heart of Hollywood, CA.  Showcasing an epic score and dramatic landscape, The Rambler combines film and music to create a powerful cinematic experience.
The Rambler represents a colabrative effort between ElBarMedia Music and Deep Grey Production Films. A 35 minute silent western set to a soundtrack of surrealist rock and roll takes you through the jourrney of a liftime. For More Information Check out the official IMDb Page...
rambler poster

When a lone gunslinger murders a family for their gold, an epic sequence of events sets in motion that could spell certain doom for this rambling outlaw.  Facing off against the lawman hunting his every move, traversing a town run by a gang of mustached thieves and seeking out the madame of the town brothel are some of the challenges this cowboy must ramble through before the smoke clears and we ride off into the sunset.  This 35 minute, silent film is accompanied by an incredible 10 piece score that underlines the cinematic beauty captured on the screen...

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Directed by Patric McInnis / Produced by Elliott Barker & Jon Zuber
Music Composed by Elliott Barker / Director of Photography Ron McPherson
Edited by Tim Ng / Starring Elliott Barker, Jon Zuber & Kristina Bakrevski
Shot on The Red

"The Rambler: An Outlaw's Opus" Soundtrack

The Film was screened alongside a live performance of the "Travlin' Circus" playing the soundtrack behind the screen.

The players of the Circus....

 Elliott Barker - Guitar/Vocals/Composer
 Dominic Costabile - Guitar
 Anders LaSource - Percussion/Arranging
 Andrew Tovar - Bass Guitar
 Dustin Rabi - Keyboards
 Grant Hamelin - Saxaphone
 Jasmine Guitierez - Trumpet
 Ashely Nguyen - Backup Vocals
 Michelle Baker - Backup Vocals/Percussion