EBM Music

The music of ElBarMedia  comes from  an expanse of several years, and many different artists. Below is a collection of artists that have worked with the company throughout the years.
Please enjoy the music you hear below, and feel free to pass it along!


Ramblin' Eli and the Travelin Circus

A colaboration between the best of the best of ElBarMedia music. Check out their past albums available for streaming and purchase

The Pinkstons
Jam music at its best, The Pinkstons is:
Elliott Barker - Bass and Vocals
Grant Hamelin - Sax and Vocals
Dominic Costabile - Guitar and Vocals
Anders LaSource - Drums and Vocals

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Grant & I Folk, soul, funk and harmony wrapped into a duet of voices and guitars.
Grant Hamelin - Percussion, Vocals, Sax, Dulcimer, Lyrics
Elliott Barker - Guitar, Vocals, Composition

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The Petes
When four friends with an insatiable passion for music came together in 2003, The Petes was born.
Elliott Barker - Guitar and Vocals
Peter Coro - Guitar
Cody Farwell - Bass and Vocals
David Gillooly - Drums

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